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Formed in 2016, Nymexsolutions Limited under the umbrella of Nymex Ltd (2010) have accrued many years of experience with IP-based initiatives, involving streaming protocols and media-based solutions.

Our most recent project (conceived in 2016) can be described as a joint alliance of highly-talented professionals, which involves a competent team of IT specialists and programming gurus, to produce a very interesting proprietary solution, namely the “Dongler” Project.

This brings years of experience to the table, to produce the next generation of innovative ideas, which will solve many of the IT challenges, particularly the “threat landscape” facing modern-day society.

This advanced solution addresses the real issue of privacy, security and protection, and allows those which have been previously denied full access to the web, the choiceThose which choose to use the Dongler have the satisfaction of surfing the internet with piece of mind, will certainly be able to do so without recourse. 

Privacy, security & protection is our no.1 priority, what’s yours?

Developing unique ways of securing your Internet footprint.

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